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Meeting of the General body

Annual General Meeting

  • The first Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months from the date of registration of the Foundation. Thereafter these meetings shall be held once in each year at such time and place as the Governing council may decide.
  • Transaction at the Annual General Meeting.

    The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting :-
  • Presentation and adoption of the Annual Report of the Governing Council and the audited balance sheet and accounts for the previous year.At the first AGM, however, only initial financial report shall be adopted for adoption.
  • Election of members to the Governing Council for the ensuring year as are required to be elected The voting shall be by a secret ballet.
  • Any other business as may be placed on the agenda of permitted by the chairman.
  • Notice for the Annual General Meeting.

    A minimum notice of sixty days shall be given by the AGM. .
  • Preparation of Agenda.

    Any member proposing to move a motion shall give a written notice of the same to the Secretary duly seconded by at least one member entitled to vote, at least thirty days prior to the date of the AGM. In preparing agenda for the AGM, the Governing council shall have right to :-
  • Determine the sequence in which the business included in the agenda is to be considered.
  • Co-ordinate into one or more resolutions, items covering the same subject wholly or in part.
  • Frame and introduce any resolution which may be considered necessary for consideration of the General body.
  • Reject any motion which may be considered inconsistent with the aims and objects of the foundation or irregular or out of order.
  • Circulation of Agenda.

    The agenda shall be circulated to all members at least fourteen days in advance. It shall also be displayed prominently at the registered office of the foundation and it's Charters, if any.
  • Conduct of the AGM.

    The President or in his absence the Vice-President shall act as the Chairman of the General Body Meeting. In case both are not present, members present shall choose one of their members to be the Chairman.
  • Quorum for the AGM.

    One third of the number of members entitled to vote, present at the AGM, shall constitute the quorum for the meeting. If the quorum is not complete the meeting shall be adjourned for 30 min and reconviened to complete the AGM.
  • Decision on Motions.

    Every motion submitted to the meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes. In case of equality of votes, the chairman shall have casting vote.
  • Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Authority to Convene.

    The Governing council or the President may convene an extra-ordinary general meeting if considered necessary. The meeting shall also be called by the President on presentation to him of a written requisition by not less than 30 members for considering such matters as may be specified in the requisition.
  • Notice and Conduct of Meeting.

    The rules for the conduct of AGM shall also apply to extra-ordinary general meeting except that the period of notice in this case shall be 30 days. The notice shall specify the specific purpose for which the meeting is been convened and no other business other than the one notified shall be transacted at such meeting without the sanction of the President.
  • Lack of Quorum.

    If at the time fixed for an extra-ordinary general meeting convened on requisition ,the quorum is not present, and the number of members present remains below the quorum for the next 60 minutes, the meeting shall, unless the Chairman decides otherwise for any reasons to be recorded,stand dissolved.

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